Beaches in Murter


Main beach in Murter, situated near camp Slanica. Slanica is one of the most beautiful and visited beaches. There is a rich offer of turistic contents and animation. Due to its shallowness, it is adequate for children and non-swimmers, but also for all of those who want to enjoy in rich offer of beach services.


Partially sandy, and partially pebble and rocky, this beach is the most favourite gathering place for local inhabitants. It is hidden from the public eye, it can be approached by a path that leads by the sea. It spreads over several bays.


Situated at the very entry in Murter, on the south side of island The beach is partially pebbly and partially rocky. There is a rich offer of catering services (beach restaurant, fisherman's houses).


City beach situated in Murter. Sandy and pebble. There are cemented places where you can lay and sunbath. There is a supermarket, coffee bar and restaurant near the beach. There are showers on the beach, and it is adequate for children and older people.